We sell top quality vacuum pods, pads and accessories at discounted prices for your CNC machines and workshop!
We sell top quality vacuum pods, pads and accessories at discounted prices for your CNC machines and workshop!


The Vacuum Clamping Store TVCS.us


For orders or customer service, contact us either by phone:

1-919-810-7956 (usa)

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We sell the best quality vacuum pods, pads and accessories at discounted prices!


 Save money on S&H (shipping and handling), we charge the same S&H for any group of 5 order items (items can be different products)!

STATE SALES TAX: Customers are responsible for paying any state sales taxes due according to their situation (end-user, re-sale, research tax credit, etc.).

Please provide us with your state's Sales Tax ID.

DELIVERS to the state of North Carolina: If products ordered are delivered to North Carolina, then we are required to collect NC sales taxes unless you provide us with a valid NC Sales Tax License.

PRICES: Current prices are valid for 2024; however, prices are subject to change without notice. Generally prices on your Shopping Cart are the final prices which will include our current promotions(discounts). We reserve the right to correct prices which are posted incorrectly. Please contact us if you have any question about pricing or availability of products. Also see S&H (Shipping and Handling Costs below).

SHIPPING and HANDLING COSTS: For Domestic Shipping (in the United States), the current S&H is $45 for 1-5 $50 for 6-10 $60 for 11-15 $70 for 16-20 and $100 for 21+ . Call us for shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii and other locations around the world. For international shipping, customer is responsible for any Import Duties or any other taxes.

We use standard shipping by either UPS, Fedex or USPS. Contact us for the cost of faster shipping.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Availability of products is subject to change without notice.

RETURN POLICY: Call us about our current product return policy, Thank you.

ORDERS FROM CHILDREN: We do not accept orders from children. We are primarily a "business to business" sales company and we have instructed our payment service (currently Pay Pal) not to accept orders from anyone under 18 years of age. Thank you.

Lowest Prices on Spare Parts and Vacuum Blocks!

Replaceable parts are easily and quickly installed. We recommend that you buy spare replaceable parts now so that you have them on hand when needed. For large companies or critical operations we further recommend that you keep on hand complete spare vacuum blocks. Do not loose money or shut down production waiting for spare parts to arrive. And you will find that we have the lowest prices on these quality products.

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